Canadian data protection solutions available from local data centre

Unique three-tiered encryption process model

The Cloud based technology solution that can help to grow your business

dataLatch® is an ALL-In-One Data Management/Protection solutions provider in the technology vertical. It is not just a Business Solution. It is a Business Enabler.

"When a disaster strikes, most businesses without a data protection and/or disaster recovery plan will not survive."

The protection of data on mobile phones, tablets & laptops and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is growing; increasingly important due to adoption and frequent loss, malware, Ransomware or theft.

Data Protection Challenges:

It’s a complex world coordinating  and it’s difficult to protect large amounts of data that is rapidly growing even within the era of A I, OT's and/or IoT's.

  • Providing data backup/protection for mobile phone/device(s), laptop(s), computer(s), etc
  • Managing data backup/protection for multiple locations, remote team(s), and operating system(s)
  • Managing business operation/continuity with regulatory, security, and compliance requirements
When a disaster strikes, insurance companies may pay out money to your business, but datalatch® provides assurance of your business' data!

All-In-One Hybrid Disaster Recovery/Protection Solution

  • Push button recovery across multiple OS platforms with one click >Simplified Solution
  • Backup service for O365, SharePoint, Salesforce, Cloud application(s) etc. >Cloud to Cloud Backup
  • Sleep easier knowing your business data is safe, meet compliances and available >Business Continuity
  • When a disaster strikes or application or site fails, get back to business within minutes >Eliminate Downtime 
File Sharing Cloud Drive with Sync App

  • Secure Desktop Sync from 2 TB plus storage for collaboration
  • Search/ Sort your files File viewer (Doc, Photoshop, images)
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Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery As-a-Service(DRaaS)

  • Solutions available across multiple OS platforms,Cloud-to-Cloud backup–Search/Share File(s) -Phone/Mobile–ensures support for device diversity.
  • DRaaS is available as a VMware, Hyper-V Virtual machine with Unlimited Versioning and Ransomware protection with one click
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Appliance Disaster Recovery As-a-Service (DRaaS)

  • Solutions available across multiple OS platforms Phone–ensures for device diversity.
  • DRaaS is available as a VMware, Hyper-V Virtual machine with Unlimited Versioning and Ransomware protection with one click
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Compliance : Enabling Government regulation compliance

  • PCI
  • SSAE16
  • GLBA , EU US Safe Harbor
  • SAS70 TYPE II , Sarbanes Oxley(SOX)
  • CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System )

Presence in Geographic location

The Consolidated & Complete Cloud Data Protection solution is available across Australia ,Canada, UK, US , South America and South Africa. We can provide solutions to businesses located across multiple geographic locations. The Disaster Recovery sites /Data centers are located more than 11 cities in four continents . Some of them are in Toronto and other North American Cities.

The Data Protection platform is being used by more than thousands of partner companies who are in compliance regulated industries such as  Education, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, and Law Enforcement this includes some Fortune 500 like American Red Cross, LOCKHEED MARTIN and others.

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