dataLatchTM is a Canadian data protection solution available in Cloud and Appliance based platforms. It is not just a storage solution. It is a Business Enabler.

"When a data disaster strikes, most businesses without a disaster recovery plan will not survive."

The protection of data on mobile phones, tablets & laptops and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is growing; increasingly important due to adoption and frequent loss or theft.

Data Protection Challenges:

It’s a complex world and it’s difficult to protect large amounts of data that is rapidly growing.

A Unique feature

Our data protection solution uses a unique three-tiered encryption process model.

Flexible Cloud Drive

Our dataLatchTM Vault three-tiered encryption drive for file sharing & collaboration that can hold 2TB plus data storage has a leading edge in the market of cloud based applications.

A Business Productivity tool featuring but not limited to File Sharing , Collaboration & Synchronization
• Collaboration with teams in Research or Project work
• Sharing Project Work securely with Internal & External Resources
• Securely Sending large size file (2 GB) to remote users/devices
• File Synchronization with Workstations & Mobile Devices
To Collaborate teamwork using Cloud Drive & Data Sync mobile app in the mobile era.

Online Store w/Square for Cloud Drive

Compliance : Enabling Government regulation compliance

• EU US Safe Harbor
• SAS70 TYPE II (Sarbanes Oxley)

Presence in Geographic location

The Consolidated & Complete Cloud Data Protection solution is available across Canada, US and Australia. We can provide solutions to businesses located across multiple geographic locations.

The Data Protection platform is being used by more than thousands of partner companies who are in compliance regulated industries such as Financial, Insurance, and Healthcare. This includes some Fortune 500 companies like American Red Cross, LOCKHEED MARTIN and others.

Note: Price can change at any time